Ways to Care For Your Grout

Tile and grout cleaning

If compared to the surface area covered with tiles in a tiled area, the grout is a very small part of its overall design, but it has the most significance. Stained or damaged grout can really give a bad look to the overall tiled area. Although, grout is strong enough to hold the tiles at its place. Grout is the breakable material which can rapidly become worn away or discolored without the proper care. So you need some effective ways to care for your grout.

Consider these impactful and trustable Ways to Care For Your Grout which keep them looking awesome:

Select the cleaning products scrupulously: Avoid using cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia on grout. Acid-based cleaners are one of them which can cause damage to the material. An all-purpose cleaner is one of the safest choices for bathroom cleaning.

Be aware when you scrub: If you start scrubbing too vigorously while cleaning, you can create a damage yourself to the grout. Make sure you never use steel wool, metal scrubbers or other harsh abrasives to clean. To tackle stains, give a try using a pumice stone wrapped in cloth, just like a sandwich wrap.  

Maintain your grout: Built-up of molds and dirt on grout can degrade the quality and material in passing time. So make sure you clean the grout on a daily basis while your shower is wet. Making a habit of wiping down the grout before you leave the shower will help your grout to perform for a longer time. This will make cleaning easier and less time-consuming in fact it will be the easiest task. It is better to clean it daily rather than wasting your weekend in rubbing grout vigorously.    

Resealing of your grouts: on the day one when your grout was installed your tile and grout contractor applied a sealant to protect the grouts from water damage. Over time, the sealant applied can become worn away, making the grout unsafe. You have to decide if your grout need a resealing or not just by doing a water test. Begin with dry grout and drop few drops of water on to it. If the grout sucks the water drops, it means your grout needs sealing.  

Keep floor mats: If you have a tiled floor in the bathroom, place soaking floor mats outside the shower and tub and also in front of your sink. This plays a vital role as a protection layer from moisture damage.   

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