Warning: Make Sure You Use Steam Cleaning For Carpet Cleaning Services

When you are searching for a professional carpet cleaning service, you do not realize that there are two carpet cleaning methods available in the market: carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning. If you are willing to know and understand the difference, read this section.

At Pristine Carpet Cleaning, we provide both but we recommend steam cleaning. The reason behind it is, it provides deep cleaning. So, if you are in search of cleaning which can make your home clean and hygienic, steam cleaning the ideal method for you. Steam carpet cleaning ensures the fibers of the carpet are cleaned right down to the bottom of the fibers. We prefer steam cleaning because it removes the dirt and bacteria from deep within your carpets. The steam infused into the carpet fibers loosens the dirt as the steam turns into water. Then this water is removed with our powerful machines.

Do You Know Why Steam Cleaning Is Better Than Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning needs chemicals for carpet cleaning, though you might be thinking it can clean the carpets well, actually, it cannot get all the stains out. Stains normally stay and, to cover them up, companies use various types of chemicals to reduces the visibility of the stain. Certainly, after few days, this cleaning method wears out the carpet.

Using steam cleaning, the toughest stain can be removed easily. There is no rocket science behind it. The hot water solution enters the carpet fibers and removes the dirt and stains. The best thing is that it gets a thorough cleaning, right from the bottom layers, which no other method of cleaning guarantee!

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