Top 3 Ideas To Keep Your Rugs Beautiful All Year Around

Top 3 Ideas To Keep Your Rugs Beautiful All Year Around

Rugs are the important element which adds the aesthetic appeal to your entire home. Whatever the season, they are found as guilty to attracting a lot of dust and microorganism. In fact, according to many microbiologist rugs are known as the home of spores, pollen particles, and dust mites. For which, Pristine rug cleaning in Anaheim is considered as the top solution to get the clean rug.

So, to keep them fresh and in good working condition, it is essential to follow a regular cleaning schedule. Looking for the ways to get a fresh and new rug? Here we have mentioned top 3 hacks which help to keep your rugs beautiful all year around.

  • Remove the spills on your rug immediately

To keep your rug last longer it is essential to clear up the spillages immediately. This is necessary to ensure that it does not penetrate into your yarns. You can dampen a white cloth and clean the affected area. Be careful that you don’t rub to avoid the further damage caused to your rug’s surface. Let the rug be dry after the cleaning process!

  • Keep your rugs away from pets

Other than rug cleaning in Anaheim, you can hire a pet caretaker to reduce the damage they create to your rug. One of the smart way to shop for the short pile rugs with a dark color. This way you can hide any scratches of your pets on the rug. Also, you can keep an emergency rug stain removal kit to keep your rug safe from accidental spills by your pets.

  • Do regular vacuuming

Vacuuming is the best way to eliminate any types of harmful contaminants, dirt or dust. You should vacuum your rugs at least once a week to get a fresh new rug. This will prevent the dust from penetrating deep down the fabric and from making it harder. But before you opt for a rug vacuuming, shake your rug to remove dirt from the fabric. Also, you can sprinkle the anti-bacterial powder on your rug to remove any type of germs, keeping the rug healthy.

Go for the Smart Rug Cleaning Solution!

One of the top solutions to get a healthy and fresh carpet is to choose professionals. Using the non-toxic cleaning chemicals, they provide you with the best rug cleaning in Anaheim. We, at Pristine Carpet Cleaning, provides you with the best solutions for all your rug cleaning needs.

We use pressurized water, instead of harmful chemicals to keep your carpet beautiful all year around. If you want to eliminate dirt from your rug, then contact us at (714) 742-2108. We help you to get healthy rugs providing the best rug cleaning in Anaheim and surrounding areas.