Things You Should Avoid for Rug Cleaning

Things You Should Avoid for Rug Cleaning

So many people prefer area rugs for their home. Because it adds a rich look to your house. But, what if your area rugs are looking dull? And what would you say if I tell you that your cleaning methods are making it dull?  Yes, it’s true that some of your rug cleaning habits are harmful to your rugs. Here are some things which you should avoid while doing rug cleaning.  

Direct Sunlight on Rugs

Sunrays entering your home through windows are harmful to your rugs and furniture as well. sunlight will directly affect on your carpet color and make it dull, hence same will behave as a natural bleach on your area rugs. 

So, you need to protect your rugs from direct sunlight to make it new and functional for a longer. 

The Way You are Vacuuming

Vacuum cleaners are best in order to clean any rugs or carpet on regular basis. But you need to clean it on high floor setting mode, hence it will remove all the dirt easily and don’t harm your rugs. 

It has been verified by the rug cleaning experts that you need to clean your rags on regular basis through a vacuum. It will help your rugs to stay new and look beautiful. Ignore using a brush or long bristled comb to remove any debris or hair from your rugs. Never vacuum rug fringe, hence same can ruin your rug look.  

The Way You Wash

The way you are washing your rugs also matters to keep it new and beautiful. So many people don’t think before they choose cleaning material for their rugs. Hence, not every cleaning product is suitable for your rugs. So, first try out a cleaning component on a small and unnoticeable area of the rug, see the results and then proceed further for entire rug cleaning. 

Further, it is advisable to choose green cleaning agents for your rugs which make it clean without harming anyone’s health. You also can take help of professionals to choose the best cleaning product according to your carpet material.  

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Long Waiting Periods

You need to clean the stain as soon as possible to keep your rugs look good. Hence rugs are made from the material which can absorb any kind of liquid it went through. For example, nail polish, juice, wine, etc.  

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