Things to be Avoided to Protect Your Carpet from Ruining

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Carpet has maximum 10 years of life with the proper care. However, there are many factors that can ruin your carpet and decrease its lifespan. Here, are Things to be Avoided to Protect Your Carpet from Ruining.


Vacuuming not something that should be done on weekly basis, then it will only the matter of time before you ruin your carpet. Dirt will get embedded in your carpet if you do not vacuum daily. This can cause your carpet fiber to fray. You may also end up with permanent dark spots.


Most of people avoid wearing shoes inside the home, in fact it is good avoiding shoes inside the home but only avoid wearing the one which you use outside. Buy home slipper or shoes to wear it inside the house to protect your carpet. This is because walking barefooted on your carpet can cause serious damage to it. Wearing shoes during work or play create a moist environment. The moisture on your feet can transfer from your feet to your carpet, which can cause odor bacteria to breed. Moreover, most of the people apply foot creams and lotions could be the contribution in running your carpets.


Deodorizer powders help your carpet to smell pleasant. However, they are not good for your carpet. They have a tendency to buildup in your carpet over time. It will be difficult for the vacuum cleaner to suck up this dirt.


Many people have a perception that steam cleaning is the best way to keep their carpet clean. They also think that if they use a steam cleaner, then there is no need for a professional cleaning. However, this definitely will damage your carpet.

It is not a good idea to steam clean your carpet every month. Your carpet need to get cleaned once or twice a year and it likely to wrinkle if it will gets cleaned too much. Furthermore, use of a steam cleaner can be dangerous if you don’t know the proper was of using it.


You may not have needed a professional cleaning once or twice a year, But you also don’t want to ignore spots. Then you should get them up as soon as possible. Spot will only get worse as long as you leave them where they occur. Moreover, the longer time you leave the stain, the harder it will be to remove it.

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