4 Reasons Why You Fail to Polish Your Natural Stone

4 Reasons Why You Fail to Polish Your Natural Stone

Are you trying to polish your natural stones like terrazzo, limestone, and marble but not getting the desired outcomes? You might be feeling frustrated, especially when you feel like you’ve done everything correctly! What do you do next? There must be some reasons why You Fail to Polish Your Natural Stone.

Maybe you’ve already tried. 

  • Polish with a marble and calcite stone polishing powder… still not working! 
  • Crystalize with a polishing liquid and steel wool pads… no… still not good enough! 
  • Hiring a polishing machine from your local hire shop… waste of time! 
  • Calling a professional… still no luck or maybe way too expensive or who do you trust? 

Don’t worry and don’t give up. 

Before we start, let’s look, what type of marble polish your floor needs? 

There are mainly 2 types. 

  • Maintenance polishing systems

These maintain the floor in top condition and continually looking its best. A clinically approved polishing powder is used in this polishing. 

  • Professional restoration and polishing systems

This process contains multiple processes when a floor or surface has not been maintained to the level required or perhaps it’s been a long time since the floor’s last restoration and it needs to be restored due to heavy scratching. The restoration uses diamond impregnated pads. 

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Fail to Polish Your Natural Stone.

  1. Initial steps may require diamond restoration

There is a time where natural stone faces scratching, dullness, wear and other damage will require further initial preparation or restoration before a polishing system is started. In the beginning, it may require diamond polishing pads or diamond polishing powders. 

  1. Machine speed and weight

The fact with regards to the end polishing results is the weight and speed of the machine you are using. We suggest using single disc polishing machine running at less than 200 rpm weight at least 65 kg with an integrated steel pad holder. You can achieve great results with a lighter weight. 

  1. Maybe another polishing powder or liquid will give great results

Some of the products are designed to work better on lighter, darker colored marble. So, you can try different powder or liquid to achieve great results.  

  1. Sometimes you need a professional to deal with the situation

All natural stone vary in their nature and sometimes the variables involved and the expertise required to achieve great results will mean that calling a professional it is a good idea.  

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