Professional Natural Stone Cleaning Services – Maintenance Made Simple!

Natural Stone Cleaning Services

Natural stones come in a variety which includes marble, granite or limestone. Addition of natural stone to your property will add a significant beauty and an aesthetic appeal. The property of natural stone defines its durability, but they also become dull and get damaged with time. One way to extend its life and prevent it from getting dull is by choosing quality natural stone cleaning services.

Choosing cleaning services will help you in keeping your natural stone neat and clean. Professionals have the right natural stone cleaning equipment and methods to get rid of all dirt and dust accumulated. Also, they apply quality sealer to avoid further damage.

Initial Cleaning  Process

It starts with cleaning off all the residues that are build up over the time. Being the heat resistant, natural stone still requires to be secure from direct heat. This is because heat can cause it to become dull and unsightly. Professionals always recommend you to use mats or trivets under hot dishes before placing it on stone.

Professionals providing natural stone cleaning services use to suitable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for different stones. For example, if it is limestone or marble which have acid sensitive nature then ph neutral detergent is used to prevent damage to the stone surface.

Routine Maintenance? Here Are The Rules You Should Follow!

For routine maintenance of natural stones, there are few rules that you should follow. This will ensure a long trouble free life for your natural stone surface.

  • Never use regular cleaners to clean your natural stone as containing bleach or acid and which can cause quick degradation to your stone surface.
  • Cleaning liquid or other washing liquids can be good to your hands but they are suitable for any kind of stone as they will harm the polish of the surface.

Looking For Quality Natural Stone Cleaning Results?

Facing failure in polishing your natural stone? Hire the professionals to help you with every kind of natural stone cleaning with quality results. We, at  Pristine Carpet Cleaning, are your experts always ready to help you with polishing your natural stone providing quality natural stone cleaning services.

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