Natural Stone Polishing: How It Help to Enhance Stone Look?

natural stone cleaning

Everyday usage and improper care damages your beautiful stone surfaces. Here, it is important to hire a professional stone cleaning service. It helps you to bring the life back of your surfaces. But how does it help to enhance the appearance of stone? Here, natural stone polishing is your answer.

How Natural Stone Polishing Maintain the Shiny Appearance of Stone?

According to the saying, if you want to polish wood or silver, then it is important to use a product first. This is completely opposite with stone polishing services. It requires no natural stone polishing products to get the shiny look of any stone. The process contains various effective cleaning methods to enhance the appearance of your stones.

How to Polish Natural Stone Floor Tiles?

Polishing is the process to restore the original beauty of the natural stone. Often, people make mistakes or fail to polish natural stones. But, the actual process starts with the elimination of stains, scratches, dull spots, or tech marks. Also, it removes any buildup of waxes or the layer of other surface treatments applied in the past.

After that, the restoration process begins by reviving the original finish of your stone. This brightens the entire room having new shine on your stone. Last, professional tightens the surface of the stone pores to make sure it is easier to clean and maintain your natural stone flooring.

Techniques Involved in Stone Polishing Services

Grinding: This method removes deep scratches using the metal-bonded and diamond grit heavy weighted floor buffer. It is totally dust free aiming to flatten the floor.

Honing:  Compared to the grinding process, in this method, the materials, and grits used are not coarse. There are several natural stone floor cleaning companies who start with the honing process and skip grinding. It removes minor to moderate scratches and marks from your stone flooring.

Polishing: After honing, this is the next step in refinishing your stone. During this process, professionals use higher grit and combinations of higher grit elements to get that shine back of your stone.

Sealing: This is the final stage. In this method, it applies a quality protective sealant to the surface of the natural stone to avoid the risk from contaminants.

Get The Best Natural Stone Polishing Services

We, at Pristine Carpet Cleaning, hope that this guide on polishing natural stone is helpful to you. It covers all its importance of getting shiny appeal and techniques used in stone polishing. In case, you want to know more about our natural stone polishing services or to book an appointment, call us at (714) 742-2108 or fill up our online inquiry form.