Is it Possible to Keep Your Carpet Dust Free?

Is it Possible to Keep Your Carpet Dust Free _

If you are easily affected by allergies, then carpet can be your worst enemy. If you own your own home, perhaps replacing carpet with a hard surface is financially out of reach. Further, if you live in an apartment, carpet might be something you are stuck with. In either case, the only option you have is to stay on top of cleanliness! How is it possible to keep your carpet dust free? Let’s talk about a dust-free carpet, and how to get it and keep it that way.

One of the sources of dust is your closet. Clothes shed fibers, accumulate dead skin and dust mites, among many other unwanted things. Closets are also an ideal place for mold, mildew, and pests like cockroaches. Keep a lookout! All of these can wind up on the floor outside of the closet, penetrating deep into the carpet fibers. To minimize this occurrence, organize your closets and get rid of everything that you don’t need. Keep items in plastic covers so that the fibers don’t want out every time you rummage through your clothes, and so that nothing that causes allergies can breed in there and get onto the carpet.      

Make sure you wash and change your linens at least once a week, and don’t keep more than one set in the closet, where it will breed more allergens. Even though we don’t think about it, a bed is a location where dust mites and dead skin cells are most commonly found. They circulate and fall on the carpet. Make sure to vacuum thoroughly under the bed before you replace your linens! 

Here Are Few More Tips to Keep Your Carpet Dust Free:  

Once you are done vacuuming, turn the thermostat setting to “fan”. It will help clean the air of any dust and keep it from resettling.    

Use a carpet cleaning machine with a cleaning solution and agitating pads. The idea is to trap the dust and not redistribute it, which is what vacuum cleaners can easily do. There are many inexpensive home models that you can buy that will help you stay on top of it.  

Get a vacuum with a heavy-duty agitator. It is available on the head of the vacuum machine. This will help you pull all of the dirt out of the carpet. You can also install a heavy-duty air filter on your home heating and cooling system. The best method to have a dust free carpet is to stop the way dust travels – through the air.   


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