How to Maintain your Natural Stone on Daily Basis

How to Maintain your Natural Stone on Daily Basis

Nowadays Natural stone is in huge demand and people love to have them in their house and office. Utilization of natural stone has increased in recent years. This is because of its durability and visually attractive material that can sustain for many years with the proper care and maintenance. The beauty of natural stone is that it can be used for both indoors as well as outdoors. Natural stone tiles for bathroom, kitchens or countertops are gaining more and more popularity over concrete, ceramic and wood in recent years. therefore here we come with the best natural stone cleaning services in Anaheim.

Make sure natural stone does not deceit you. It is a delicate substance that should be protected from scratches and stains. Most importantly, it needs to get cleaned accordingly the manufacturing instructions in order to prevent further damage. Below we will try to present you about the cleaning and maintenance of natural stone. Follow it and your marble, granite, slate, limestone or travertine tiles will serve you for longer.

Daily Care and Procedure you Should be Aware of

Here we will see some practical advice on how to maintain your natural stone on a regular basis and thus avoid early wear and tear. If in your home you have countertops made of natural stones that the general advice for both siliceous and calcareous stones is to place a coaster under glasses. Especially when it is juice or alcohol, never keep hot plates or pans directly from the oven onto the top, use mats under kitchenware and silverware to avoid scratching.

All types of countertops can be cleaned using lukewarm water and a small amount of stone soap, which you can easily get from natural stone selling store or just use dishwasher liquid. Rinse the surface properly after washing it with the soap and make sure you use a dry soft cloth to wipe it off. Never use lemon, vinegar or acidic on limestone, marble, and travertine, or they will damage the stone.

If your home has natural stone flooring, then you need to know that they become slippery when they are wet and debris of your shoe soles can easily damage them.

Hence, it is a good idea to place a doormat or else if you have a good budget you can keep area rugs both outside as well as inside the house, so people can dry and clean about 8 steps in order to remove any dirt or sand from your soles.

When it comes to regular cleaning of your natural stone you shall start with removing the dust, dirt, sand or other debris since they are abrasive and will harm your stone. It is recommended to swipe them using broom or mop, although, all stones types can be vacuum cleaned too, and for slate and granite tiles that is even advisable. If it is possible for you to use a glide attachment for your travertine tiles, as they easily get scratched as compared to others. If you notice a scratch on your travertine floor you can use a diamond polishing pad to remove it.

Not able to do it by yourself?

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