How to Clean an Oriental Rug? Useful Tips and Tricks!

How to Clean an Oriental Rug_ Useful Tips and Tricks! (1)

Oriental rugs are a beautiful addition to your home. They add the character to your property and complete furnishing for a well-decorated room. But this area rug goes through a lot of traffic day by day. Same as carpets, area rugs act as a filter to your home, trapping dirt, allergens, and other dust contaminants. As they accumulate the pollutants, the outer home environment remains free from dust particles. But how to clean an oriental rug? This blog is the answer to your question.

Tips On How to Clean an Oriental Rug

Professional oriental rug cleaning should be carried out at least once a year. Otherwise, if you clean it yourself, then you have to pay more attention to detail. Follow these steps to clean an oriental rug.

Step1: Vacuum oriental rug

how to clean an oriental rug

Start vacuuming both sides of your oriental rug. Remember to vacuum outside on a clean cement slab or in a garage. Always be careful that no rug fiber or fringe stuck in the vacuum machine.

Step2: Deep clean with a solution

how to clean an oriental rug

After vacuuming, when all the upper dust pollutants get removed, make an area rug cleaner with soapy water and rug shampoo or mild dish soap. Apply this solution to the area rug and scrub it gently using the sponge. Always clean your oriental rug in the same direction to avoid further damage.

Step3: Rinse the area rug well

how to clean an oriental rug

Once the cleaning is completed, rinse the oriental rug well with clean water. Squeeze out the excess water from the rug. For this, you can use a window squeegee to remove the water easily. Again, keep in mind to work in the same direction as the fabric.

Step4: Fast drying process

how to clean an oriental rug

After rinsing, when you want to dry lay the rug flat and flip it over once dry on one side. Keep it away from the windows. This is because oriental rugs can be prone to sun damage and that can cause the colors to fade over time.

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We hope these steps will be helpful enough to answer your question on how to clean an oriental rug.

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