DIY Cleaning Tips

DIY Cleaning Tips For Shiny and Long Lasting Carpet

Carpet is the most popular flooring option for the homeowner because it is available in a variety of colors, materials, texture, and style. It has a number of advantages over other flooring option, as it adds warmth, color, pattern, and texture to any room.

Guarding your new carpet against dirt, stains, and spills through proper care can help prolong your carpet’s life. Through maintaining, carpet can be challenging; Pristine Carpet Cleaning has some tips that can help you to keep your carpet looking like new for many years.

Here are 3 most simple and effective ways that can help you to maintain your carpet’s for a longer time.

Train Your Pets or Keep them at The Safe Distance

Everyone loves the pet, but they do pose a risk to your carpet. Pets may have accidents unintentionally and a small puppy or kitten may scratch or chew carpet. If you are a pet owner, make sure they are well trained and never spoil the carpet with accidents. If you think there is bit risk of a pet on the carpets, it is better you keep them away from the carpet.

Place Doormat at Doors

Placing a doormat at each door can restrict dirt, mud, snow salt which can trace into the house through foot traffic and can get settled in the carpet fibers.  Well placed doormats with encouraging message will make people shake debris off their shoes and wipe them on the mat before coming inside.

Clean Your Carpets Regularly

Even though you give your best efforts, accidents are usual and they are going to happen. When they happen you need to clean the area quickly using carpet sweeper, vacuum and cleaning products. If still, the stain remains, you need to hire a carpet cleaner that will scrub the carpet and clean the fibers deeply making it look new again.

It is a great idea to use carpet cleaners to deep clean your carpets on a regular basis because even you take precautions pollens and dust can make your carpet look dirty.  

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