Caution! Don’t Follow These Carpet Carpet Cleaning Myths

Caution! Don’t Follow These Carpet Carpet Cleaning Myths (1)

Carpet plays a vital role in increasing aesthetic appeal of your home. It is also the place where dust and other pollutants accumulate because of heavy foot traffic. To protect your new carpet investment it is important to clean it regularly. But, cleaning carpet is the subject of confusion. There are several homeowners who have misconceptions about professional carpet cleaning services. This blog is the way to help those homeowners to know the real truth behind the myths.

Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning will damage the carpet

This is the biggest misconception among homeowners. Through regular carpet cleaning, you will eliminate the dirt and stains from the upper surface. It will revive your dull carpet to its original form. Instead, if you don’t clean your carpet, the dust which is abrasive in nature cuts into the carpet fabric, making it even more dull and dirty. Therefore, if you wait too long for cleaning your carpet, then the chances of damage increases.

Applying steam cleaning method will increase mildew growth

Steam cleaning method uses steam to clean your dirty carpet instead of water. If you want to clean your carpet on your own, then the chances of falling for cheap steam cleaning equipment increases. Having said that, steam cleaning requires special training. It is the technique of providing quality carpet cleaning result by removing all the stains. Professionals provide steam cleaning method to get back that shiny look of your carpet rather than increasing mildew growth.

Baking soda is the best solution for carpet cleaning

Yes, baking soda is the immediate solution to eliminate the odor from your carpet. You can sprinkle on the spot to remove the odor. But, it will only provide you temporary satisfaction of having clean and odor-free carpet. You cannot deep clean your carpet using baking soda. Neither, you can remove deeply penetrated dust pollutants from your carpet.

Know the Real Facts About Carpet Cleaning Services

Considering the myths about cleaning the carpet, now it’s time to know the actual fact of choosing the best professional carpet cleaning service provider. Yes, you heard it right! No matter how much you clean your carpet through vacuuming, but the quality result is still pending. Choosing Pristine Carpet Cleaning –  one of the best professional carpet cleaning companies will help you restore dull carpet look to its beautiful condition.

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