Carpet Cleaning FAQs: To Ask Before Hiring The Professionals!

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

All your questions from where can I find the quality service of carpet cleaning near me to what is the cost behind deep cleaning dirty carpets, are covered in this guide. Everything you need to ask before hiring the professional carpet cleaner is mentioned in here. It will help you take the correct discussion on choosing one of the best cleaning company providing superior results.

#Que1: How often should carpet be cleaned?

Depending on the factors such as pets in the house, children, or allergies, the total time for cleaning your carpet varies. Over time, carpets become dirty because of the accumulation of dirt, mold, mildew and dust contaminants. This will cause damage to your carpet and ruins its appearance. Therefore, most of the carpet manufacturers recommend that the carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 months.

#Que2: My whole house smells like dog urine. Can you treat pet stains and odor?

Accidents from pets, mainly pet urine, might damage your carpet. Therefore, it is very important to ask a specific carpet cleaning professional about their take on pet stains and odor removal. Immediate action is necessary as if the urine remains on your carpet for a long time it can cause the issues of permanent staining or discoloration. This can cost you money on pad replacement and floor treatment.

#Que3: What makes you unique from other carpet cleaners?

This is an important question to ask before hiring the carpet cleaning services to protect your investment in other “bait-and-switch” companies. Check for the quality and integrity of their cleaning services to ensure satisfactory cleaning results. Also, consider their years of experience, workmanship, and pricing. If they provide all these, then don’t waste any time to hire their cleaning services.

#Que4: What does your carpet cleaning cost?

Different companies have different pricing based on the square footage of the area that they clean. So, to know the accurate cost of your cleaning service it is important to ask for the free estimation. Cost may vary depending on factors like vacant rooms, traffic areas and moving furniture.

Hire The Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service

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