2019 Carpet Cleaning Special Ingenious Ideas

carpet cleaning

So, it’s 2019! Where many people thinking or taking resolutions, there are some who are concerned about home cleanliness. These people believe that with a clean home, there comes happiness and wealth into their life. If you are one of them, then the first step to clean and organize your home begins with thorough carpet cleaning. Having a carpet flooring, you know that soft and shiny carpet becomes dull and dingy with time.

To maintain the shine and softness of the carpet, either you can hire professionals for the help or consider the below-mentioned innovative ideas of carpet cleaning. There is no denying in the fact that professionals provide more accurate results than any DIY techniques. But, there is nothing wrong with trying new cleaning hacks if it saves you both time and budget. Here are the trendy cleaning ideas to keep your carpet clean in 2019.

#Trick 1: Blot wine stains from the outside in

It is said a small glass of wine can make you shine but it can also make you whine if you spill it on the carpet. Entering the new year, now it is the time to boost up your skills for eliminating the wine stains from your carpet. Remember! Wine stains should be blotted from the outside in. You can use a clean kitchen towel or white cotton cloth to dry the stain. Do not rub or scrub the area as it can not only cause damage to your carpet fibers but also spread the stain to other surrounding carpet areas.

#Trick 2: Eliminate wax from the carpet with heat

Removing wax from the carpet is not as difficult as it may look for all those candle lovers. With the help of heat application, one can easily remove the wax from the carpet. Yes, it’s right! All you have to do is to use the clean cloth over the wax stain and place the iron on its top. This will soften the wax on your carpet and then you can easily take it off using the knife.

#Trick 3: Treat the carpet with Scotchgard

Strong carpet protection repels the stains for easier cleanup. One such carpet protector you can consider using is the Scotchgard. It stops the stains to become harder to remove and permanent on the carpet. Also, it helps you keep your carpet newer and prolongs its lifespan. Therefore, if your carpet is an important investment for you, then consider Scotchgard as an essential protector for your asset.

Have Professional Carpet Cleaning On Regular Basis

If you have enough time and knowledge about carpet cleaning, then considering above-mentioned tricks is the smart way. Or else to maintain your carpet clean for a long time professional cleaning is the ultimate way. Save money and time this 2019 with Pristine Carpet Cleaning. We provide you with a quality carpet cleaning service at a competitive price rate in Anaheim and other nearby areas.

Let 2019 be a safer year for you and your family members with a satisfactory carpet cleaning result. Contact us at (714) 742-2108 and get regular updates on your carpet cleaning needs.